About ‘SafeHouse’

Safe House is a ‘serious game’ that shows people of all ages the consequences of hazards and falls around the home in an engaging way.  It’s both a fun game and educational.

Supported by New Zealand’s government-owned Accident Compensation Corporation,  the game’s ultimate purpose is behaviour change and injury prevention.  A sample of players will be surveyed to asses the game’s educational and behaviour change effectiveness.

Safe House is available for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, and on this website.

In the game, players must keep a family safe from both a zombie invasion and everyday household hazards. In the process they learn how to resolve common hazards, how to look after each other, experience the consequences of falls, and see that seemingly benign household hazards can be just as deadly as zombies.

The SafeHouse game was developed by InGame and Tim Thorpe Consulting. It was one of the winning ideas proposed during ACC’s 2012 Idea Nation competition to find innovative ways to reduce falls around the home.  Every year over 10,000 New Zealanders have a week or more off work because of a  fall around the house, and falls cost our economy over $1.8 billion dollars a year.